Seedling (update)

I planted these seeds (click here)  a few weeks back.They've kicked off...

Breaking wind again (update)

At the beginning of of September, I started constructing a non-permanent windbreak structure (read about it here)

The aims of this project are…
To be easily taken down in the summer once the winds have moved on
To not be a barrier to the wind but to take some energy out of it
To be recyclable.The bamboo I can mulch and the pallets will find other uses around the property.
To allow me and the street to continue to interact.

The angled pallet construction interleaves with a row of lavender bushes that have been struggling to grow behind the fence line. Though they now have to put up with more shade, I’m hoping that they will also be a bit more protected from the winds.

I gathered some more pallets and bamboo cuttings to finish off the length of the front fence.

There are now a lot more, and taller, bamboo stalks inserted into the pallet frame.

As soon as I got it all finished the spring westerlies started up, and half of the pallet units got blown over.

I found some old bits of pallet around the …

This years first apple tree is budding


Nut update: Sept

Last of the three hazelnuts has budded. Still waiting on some signs of life from the walnuts. I’m wondering if they will bud at the same time as the apples?

Starting seedlings

This year, I’m going to see if I can give my seeds and early start in a couple of polystyrene chilly boxes.
Lots of tomatoes, a few capsicum, and some lettuce.

Breaking wind again

The front garden gets some big westerlies in the spring so I’m experimenting with the palette stuffed with bamboo construction idea that I came up with to protect the nut trees (Read here).The bamboo will be removed when summer sets in and the winds die back a bit.

Don’t have enough pallets to complete the fence line yet.